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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a all in one Cleaning Service for special events.

Decorated Chairs

Our Rental Service Story

Every website has a story, and we are sure you will enjoy ours.

If you’re a business, personal or an event planner let's talk. We are sure we are the best decision you could ever make regarding your event. Below are our packages.

   Spring / Summer Event    

   GET 20% OFF all BUNDLES  

Meet Our Chairs, Tables & Covers

Gold Chair Cover.jpg
Cold Chair Bows.jpg
White Chair Cover.jpg
Black Chair Bows.jpg
Black Chair Cover.jpg
Black Chair Bows.jpg
Multi Clor Bows.jpg

Special Orders!

8 to 12 weeks advance reservations/ 60% deposit

Dont forget the TABLES!!!!


Table sizes are 32, 48 and 60 inches

Our Clients

Wedding Table
Luxury Wedding Tables
Wedding Table Arrangement
Wedding Aisle
Wedding Venue
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